March Madness

basketball1 CAMPO BASEBALL MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!! can-stock-photo_csp15474520 Join our March Madness fundraiser and help support the Campolindo baseball team.  You’re going to play March Madness anyway – with friends, at the office, in Vegas – so why not play for our team! If successful, this playoff bracket will be the last fundraiser this year (we promise). We encourage all our families to reach out to their extended family and friends to join in the fun.Winners The Top 5 finishers will be winners: 1st = $500, 2nd = $400, 3rd = $300, 4th = $200, 5th = $100, worst score = $20. In the event of a tiebreaker, closest guess to the total score of the Championship game wins.Here’s how to play:

1) Click this link (or cut and paste the link into your browser’s address bar):

2) Register on with your own email and password.

3) You’ll then be asked to enter our group’s password which is:  cougars

4) You will then see the Round 1 bracket.  Enter your picks.  The deadline to complete your brackets is March 19th.

5) To enter multiple brackets: complete your initial bracket, choose a national champion and final game total score (this acts as a tie breaker). Then, click “Add New Bracket” link above your bracket on the right. NOTE: DO NOT ENTER “Bracket Challenge” as that is not part of the Diamond Club pool.

6) Submit additional brackets the same way. Your brackets won’t have different names — entries will appear as John Doe (1), John Doe (2), John Doe (3) etc. in the Standings. Max 10 brackets per user.

7) Bracket donations are $20 each, payable to Cougar Diamond Club* or go to, DONATE tab and follow the instructions to donate. Can’t decide which teams to advance? No problem, just play more brackets! *Campolindo Baseball’s Cougar Diamond Club is a 501(c)3. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


In each round the seed of the winning team is multiplied by the correct pick total. There is no first round included in our pool.

Second RoundWeight for each correct pick is 1 Third Round:  Weight for each correct pick is 2 Sweet 16: Weight for each correct pick is 4 Elite 8: Weight for each correct pick is 8 FINAL FOUR:  Weight for each correct pick is 16 CHAMPIONSHIP:  Weight for each correct pick is 32