Super Bowl 52
Eagles vs Patriots
February 4, 2018
The Campo Baseball Diamond Club has once again put together a great Super Bowl Pool for a pre-season fundraiser.
With the game just around the corner, we need our families to share the pool details with friends, family and alumni!
There are 5 grids:
The NEW SUPER SUPER BOWL grid giving you chances to win every time a team scores + at each quarter
plus Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior grids.
Each player is responsible for selling a minimum of 3 SUPER SUPER BOWL squares and 10 regular squares!
SUPER SUPER BOWL Grid Squares are $100/each
Class level grid squares are $20/each
SUPER SUPER BOWL Grid: The participant get 4 sets of numbers – one each quarter. Every time the score changes, the winning numbers payput $200… as well as at the end of each quarter AND end of the game.
For Example:
Joe’s 1st Quarter numbers are 6 (NFC team) & 0 (AFC team).  Mary’s numbers are 7 (NFC) & 0 (AFC).
If the NFC team scores a TD first and the extra point is made, both with $200.  (Joe for score of 6-0 and Mary for score of 7-0).  If the quarter ends with the same score, Mary wins (7-0).
Q2,3 & 4 both get a new set of computer generated numbers.
Payout per class grid: Q1: $250, Q2: $250, Q3: $250, End of Game: $250

Links to final Superbowl grids are below. Please click on link to see your numbers. Good luck and thank you for supporting Campolindo baseball!

Super Super Bowl Grid:

Grid User Name: Super 1

Password:  Super

Senior Grid:

Grid User Name: Seniors

Password: Senior

Junior Grid:

Grid User Name:  Juniors

Password: Junior

Soph Grid:

Grid User name:  Soph

Password:  Soph

Freshman Grid:

Grid User Name:  Fresh

Grid Password:  Fresh

 Winners will be contacted by email.  Player families are responsible for collecting fees from their respective family and friends.  If you have any questions, please contact Mark McNally at 925-788-6290 or
Thank you for your support of Campo Baseball!