Volunteer Job Assignments

Varsity Volunteer Job Assignments Campo Varsity Baseball 2016

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  • Varsity Team Moms Angie Champeau/Pam Bishop
  • Apparel Angie Champeau/Pam Bishop
  • MBA coordinator Angie Champeau
  • Volunteer Coordinator Angie Champeau
  • Buses Angie Champeau
  • Communication Coordinator Pam Bishop
  • Memory book  Jeannie Fafoutis/Tracy Gordon
  • Take pictures/ upload shutterfly Tracy Gordon /Cathy Cooper
  • Senior day Anne McNally/Lisa Pasqual-Mead
  • Game day water sales coordinator                 Pam Bishop
  • Awards night  Chrissa Ventrelle
  • Car Pool Coordinator Don Cooper
  • Webmaster Mike Cassidy
  • All team dinner (Angie and Mike host) Coordinator Christy Dalton
  • Wednesday Team dinner organizer Angie Champeau
  • Statistician  Mark McNally
  • Game announcers Garrett Hinds
  • Thursday BBQ coordinator Andria Dinnerman


  1. Team administrator – Jodi Weaver
  2. Scorekeepers – Craig Bocks and Jeff Fara
  3. Field prep support – Dave Krznaric, Adrian Gunderson, Chris Miller, Shawn Brown, and Michael Donner
  4. Team photographer/videographer – Devin O’Brien, Hieu Ball
  5. Coordinating the hosting of visiting teams – Jen Donat
  6. Transportation Coordinators – Steve and Wendy Dunn
  7. Equipment and Uniform support – Cammy Krznaric
  8. Spirit wear support – Tim Raftis
  9. Hosting/Coordinating a midseason adult social – Colleen Miller